Our Professional Team
Ms C. Chan's Profile
Master of Arts in Teaching English As a Secondary Language, The City University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Administration, Griffith University, Australia
Completion of NSS Professional training courses (All elective modules including: Workplace Communication, Debating, DramaKetc.)
Over 20 years solid teaching experiences in secondary schools
Marker of HKCEE and HKALE
Ms CHEUNG, Ho Sum iE`Ѯv
Jun 2002 University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Institute of Applied Language Studies
BEd (English) Immersion Programme (ESL Instruction)
Sep 2000 - May 2004 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Education (Language Education, English)
Fall 2003 - Spring 2004 Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education (under Prof. C. Chun)
    E Edited teaching materials for bridging course (CMI to EMI)
    E Drafted out research report
Spring 2004 Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education (under Prof. D. Coniam)
    E Supervised and assessed CE oral exam (Syllabus B, Paper 4) for Form 5 students
    E Investigation of assessment method used by the HKEA (7-point scale) and a criterion-based assessment
       (6-point scale) developed
Jan 2014 LAMDA Teachers Certificate for Communication
    E Oral V Distinction, Written V Distinction
Jun 2007 Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers (English)
    E Reading 4, Writing 4.5, Listening 5, Speaking 5, Classroom Language 4.5
Jan 2007 SBA Coordinator Training
May 2005 Problem-based Learning (PBL) facilitator
Jun 2004 International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    E Listening 7.5, Reading 9.0, Writing 7.0, Speaking 9.0, Overall Band Score 8.0
Jun 2002 ESL Instruction Programme University of Edinburgh, Scotland
2013-2014 Client school LCGSS captured Overall Champion and 1st Runner-up in Inter-government
Schools Debate Championship (Stream B)
2004 All Asian Intervarsity Debating Championship, entry rounds, Best Debator
2000 Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Festival, Overall Champion (Eng. Solo Verse)
1988 Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Festival, Overall Champion (Chi, Solo Verse)
1988 - 2000 Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Festival, Champions, 1st & 2nd Runner-up
1998 Standard Inter-school Debate Competition, 1st Runner-up
Apr 2012 to Current Totus Hall o/b Tongwen Guan Ltd, Sheung Wan
Academic Director

E Management the learning centre and the business
E Development for language arts programmes (poetry, public speaking, debating)
E Coaching and teacher-training for language arts programmes
E Business development in relation to IT application in education
Feb 2011 to Mar 2012 Bond Culture Development International Ltd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Product Development Manager
E Management for international projects with UNSW and EDI
E Design and development for online learning platforms for mainland students
E Development for teaching programmes
E Training and coordination for mainland English tutors
Jun 2010 to Jan 2011 Dream Language Studio, Causeway Bay
Academic Consultant (Part-time)
E Design and development for Campus Channel, an online learning platform
E Development of school-based education programmes Training and coordination for local teachers and NETs
Sep 2009 to Aug 2010 Heung To Secondary School (TKO), Tiu Keng Leng
Contract Teacher
E Subject teacher of JS2, SS1 and S6 English
E Teacher Advisor for Students’ Union
E Reading strategies and development
E Exchange programme to Beijing
E Exchange programme to Shandong
Oct 2008 to May 2009 Vocational Training Council, IVE (HW) & IVE (MH)
Lecturer (Part-time)

E HKCEE Preparatory Course for English Language
E Business Communication (for Foundation Diploma)
Mar 2009 to Oct 2008 Yaumatei Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wan Rod), Yaumatei
Contract Teacher

E Subject teacher of J4 and 5 English, J6 Chinese
E Subject teacher of J1-4 Music
E Self-directed Learning mediator
E Speech Festival Coach
Sep 2005 to Aug 2008 Hong Kong Sea School, Stanley
Teacher, Panel Chair of English Department
E Subject teacher of S.1, 4 and 5 English
E Discipline committee member
E Manager of EES fund
E Coach for Speech Festival
Sep 2004 to Aug 2005 St. Stephen’s College, Stanley
E Subject teacher of F.3 English, F.2 Geography and F.1 Economic and Public Affairs
E Coach for English Debating Team and Speech Team
E Problem-Based Learning Scheme Facilitator
E Discipline committee member
Jul 2000 to Jun 2003 Millennium Education Associates, Causeway Bay
Tutor/Programme Coordinator
E Curriculum, Teaching aids & materials Design
E Programme Tutor for P5 to F5 students (with collaboration with NETs)
2002-current Debate and Speech Programmes for local schools and BGCA Instructor
2004 Debate Team, CUHK Debator
1999-2000 Debate Team & Speech Team, St Joseph’s College Debator & Student Trainer
Ms Janice's Profile(Native English Teacher)
Janice understands the language needs of the local Chinese children. She has been teaching in local schools for over 20 years. In her teaching career, she has helped students of all ages gain a better foothold in their attempt to master the English language. Janice thinks the two skills that students have most trouble with mastering are oral and writing, and believes it's definitely PRACTICE that makes PERFECT!
Janice has worked many years as an oral examiner for the HK Exam Authority. Her interest in pronunciation and phonetics has been cultivated through her passion for speech training. She was a member of the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association English Sub-Committee for five years, and served as a Speech Festival adjudicator for many years prior to that. Over the years, she has trained hundreds of students, guiding them to successful performances in the annual Hong Kong Speech Festival. From many years of training local students for the Speech Festival, Janice has found that the same problems with pronunciation keep cropping up time and time again. Her approach is to instill a knowledge of the rules of English pronunciation in her students, so that they can deliver their performance confidently and correctly, impressing the judge and entire audience alike!
Through her experience in teaching writing to local students, Janice thinks students need good models to understand how to write better. Once students analyze good writing, she believes they can do a better job writing. Again Janice holds the belief that it's through practice attempting to write words, sentences and paragraphs themselves that youngsters can become good writers.
Janice has also authored Use of English: Writing, Supersets F.5, and Combined Certificate of F.4 & 5, and Where's the Word? series of seven books, all published in Hong Kong. She has just finished a book to help students with their writing, entitled Super Writing Lessons.
With some many marks of a report card allocated to the two skills of oral and writing, Janice believes youngsters need more practice using them on a more regular basis. Only then can they experience true success!
Ms Liu's Profile (Kathy)
Kathy joined Mastermind Education in 2014.
Kathy has taught students ageing from 3 to 30+, both in classes and individually.
Her relevant qualifications include LAMDA Teachers Certificate in Communication, which she passed with Distinction, LAMDA Grade 8 Gold Medal Examination in Speaking Verse and Prose, which she passed with Merit, and an A* in GCE A-Level English Literature.
She was also a member of Polam Hall School Debating Society and of The Chinese University of Hong Kong English Debating Team.
Ms Li's Profile
United World College full 2 years IB Scholarship recipient
Bachelor of Music (First Class), UBC, Canada
Graduate Mistress and Panel Head at a secondary school as Music and English teacher
Producer and Bi-lingual Presenter of classical music programmes at RTHK for 13 years
MC or Narrator for HK Philharmonic Orchestra, HK Arts Festival, Shatin Town Hall and television commercials
Many times Champion of Toastmasters International Contests in Prepared, Impromptu and Evaluation Speeches, frequently represents Hong Kong to compete in China.
Active soprano who performs regularly at Hong Kong City Hall. Also a choir conductor leading various adult and children choirs.
Was the lead actress of amateur drama groups
Completed LAMDA's Teachers' Certificate Course with a distinction in the external assessment of 'Scheme of Work'.