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A) General
a. Introductory Examinations
A1- Introductory Examinations
b. Graded Examinations in Speech
A2- Speaking Verse and Prose
A3- Reading for Performance
A4- Speaking in Public
c. Graded Examinations in Drama
A5- Musical Theatre
A6- Acting
A7- Devising Drama
A8- Miming
d. Group Examinations
B1- Group Introductory Examinations
B2- Choral-Speaking
B3- Group Recital
B4- Group Acting
B5- Group Devising Drama
B6- Group Musical Theatre
B) Professional
a. LAMDA International Teacher's Certificate in Communication°]LTCC°^
b. The LAMDA Teache's Certificate in Performance°]LTCP°^
c. Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM)
d. Diploma in Speech and Drama Education(LSDE)
C) LAMDA Examinations Syllabus
a. Introductory
b. Graded Examinations in Communication
c. Graded Examinations in Performance
d. Group Examinations
e. Musical Theatre
f. The LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM)
g. The LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education (LSDE)