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LAMDA International Teacher’s Certificate in Communication


Purpose of the qualification

The LTCC is designed to help non-UK teachers develop the skills to teach communication and speech, primarily in the context of LAMDA’s Level 1 Communication examinations. The syllabus reflects the complex role of the communications teacher, combining research, analysis and reflection with practical exercises and tasks.

The LTCC comprises attendance on an approved teaching course for a minimum of 25 hours and is assessed through internal and external observation. The LTCC is a multi-unit qualification and all units are compulsory.


1. Course outline: 

There are four full days of lessons, with an assessment on the fifth day. The LTCC course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

1.1  understand the requirements for LAMDA Communication examinations from Introductory to Level 1

1.2  understand what is meant by correct breathing and voice production and know some practical exercises to improve them

1.3  understand how language is acquired and use a range of practical exercises to encourage its development

1.4  understand how speech sounds are made, how common speech faults occur and how certain practical exercises can help learners overcome them

1.5  appreciate the importance of clear speech

1.6  appreciate variety in poetry and understand the difference between verse and prose

1.7  understand the skills required for speaking verse, both as individuals and within groups and have some practical ideas on how to develop them

1.8  compile your own anthology of selected poems from which your learners can choose appropriate own choice poetry

1.9  understand the different skills used for speaking prose and for reading aloud and have some practical ideas on how to develop them

1.11  compile your own anthology of selected stories from which your learners can extract appropriate own choice prose passages

1.12  understand what makes an effective recital and be able to build your own ideas for themes and appropriate material

1.13  understand how examinations in Speaking in Public can encourage a learner’s confidence, fluency in giving a speech and developing conversation skills

1.14  know what is meant by a Scheme of Work and how it can be presented

1.15  be able to plan lessons and assess learners’ work.

2. Course duration:

A total of 4 full days with minimum 25 face-to-face training hours

3. Assessment criteria:

 This must include:

Internal Oral Assessment (40%):

A memorised performance of one of the set poems from the latest Verse & Prose Anthology of current syllabus of LAMDA Communication Examinations from Entry to Grade 3.
A formal presentation (20 to 30 minutes) of strategies for teaching the speaking of this poem to their course class. Exercises or games may be demonstrated practically.

 An Assignment/Portfolio of Evidence cover sheet must be attached to the submission. The declaration of authenticity section must be signed by the LTCC student.

 Assessment criteria are applied to all LTCC students to ensure that they are measured against a standard and assessed according to merit and performance.

 A pass is required in each unit in order to qualify for the certificate. LTCC students who receive a Pass, Merit or Distinction for their overall award may use the designation LTCC.

External Written report (60%):

LAMDA Introductory Examinations or Group Introductory Examinations (Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three), or Group Recital or Choral-Speaking or Speaking Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance or Using Spoken English (Entry Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3).

The chosen grade must be different to that of the set poem used in the Internal Assessment Task.

The Scheme of Work must include the following over-arching information:

General aim

 Group size and age range

Learning needs of the group

Grade and type of examination


4. Download: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: F:\mmindnew\LAMDA\B1_ltcc.files\B1_ltcc4456.png


1.     The LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication - Suggested Bibliography.pdf

2.    The LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication - LTCC Student Registration Form.pdf

3.    The LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication - Intake Enrollment Form.pdf

4.    The LAMDA Teacher’s Certificate in Communication - Overview of Course Structure.pdf


5. Why the LTCC?

Speech, drama and debating as an important part of the latest curriculum development

LTCC provides practical trainings in both the subject matters and teaching skills

A worldwide recognition in voice, speech, drama and text teaching

Become a teacher in assisting the increasing number of students taking LAMDA examinations in Hong Kong by taking the examination


6. What do we gain by getting the Certificate?

In depth trainings in delivering lively, innovative and enjoyable lessons for all learners

Extend and develop subject knowledge in the areas of voice, speech and drama

Acquire new teaching strategies to encourage all aspect of communication skills through English language

Learn the skills required for planning and developing practical work


7. Fee:

HK$9,800 (Original Price)
[include $2,640 registration and certification fee] HK$8,500
[early bird discount on or before March 31, 2017]


8. Entry Requirements

  Age: Anyone aged 19 or above

  Skills: Proficient in both written and oral English

 Experience: Practical experience in teaching prior to course entry


9. Date, Time and Venue:

u Date: £Intake 6: April 30 May 1, 3, 7    £Intake 7 – Aug 18, 21, 23, 25

u Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
            Total contact hours = 25 hours

u Venue:  5/F Wofoo Commercial Building, 576 Nathan Road, Kowloon.