Purpose of the Qualification
Group Introductory Examinations are designed to stimulate the imagination and develop basic communication skills in an interactive situation.
Broad Objectives of the Examinations

- Interpretative skills:
• learn the words of a poem and recall them aloud as a group
• respond to a stimulus in a drama game.

- Technical skills:
• develop skills in voice and diction
• respond to simple instructions in a drama game.

- Interactive skills:
• interact as a group.

Group Introductory Examinations are also designed to introduce learners to group examinations within the LAMDA examinations framework. Group Introductory Examinations are not accredited by UK Regulatory Authority.Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria are provided as guidelines for the overall examination expectations of each group performance.

Examination Content

                                1. Poem
(The group will speak from memory one of the following poems.The poem may be presented in unison although it is acceptable for individual lines or phrases to be taken by a solo voice or smaller group.)
(The group will play a drama game with the examiner. )
Group Introductory There are Big Waves – Eleanor Farjeon
Dinosaur Roar – Henrietta Stickland Elephant Antics – Jill Townsend
Drama game :
The examiner will say 'I'm a magician and I'm going to turn you into...' and then identify people, animals and objects for the group to become. This process will be repeated at least four times.
Group Preparatory Funny the Way Different Cars Start – Dorothy Baruch
Jungle Piece – Jacqueline Emery
The Small Ghostie – Barbara Ireson
Drama game :
The examiner will say a word e.g. ‘school’ and ask the group to repeat it in a variety of ways e.g. happily, sadly, quietly, loudly, quickly, slowly.
Storm – Eleanor McLeod
Remember – Pamela Mordecai
Skeleton House – Lawrence Smith
Rhyming game:
The examiner might start by saying ‘I'm going to say ‘day’ -what are you going to say?’
The group would then respond with words that rhyme with ‘day’.

General Notes and Regulations
The set poems for each grade can be found in The LAMDA Anthology of Verse and Prose Volume XVII (17).
A legible copy of the chosen poem must be provided for the examiner.
Prompters are not permitted. The examiner may prompt at their discretion.
Groups must be a minimum of three learners and no more than six learners.
Each learner must wear a name badge.