Purpose of the Qualification
LAMDA examinations in Speaking Verse and Prose are designed to develop the skills necessary for effective oral communication of the written word.
Broad Objectives of the Examinations
- Interpretative skills
engage imaginatively with the thought, emotion, style and form of a text.

- Technical skills
develop skills in voice, diction and posture..

- Knowledge of literature
know and understand the chosen selections
understand voice, speech and versification theory to communicate the specific demands of the text.
General Notes and Regulations
Set selections of verse and prose for each grade level are printed in full in The LAMDA Verse and Prose Anthology Volume XVII (17).
More detailed information on the required theoretical knowledge for each grade level is available in Knowledge Matters – a LAMDA Publication.
Learners may perform the prepared elements of an examination in any order.
Learners must bring legible copies of all selections for the examiner.
The book from which a prose piece has been taken must be read in its entirety. Short story reading guidelines are listed at the relevant grade level within the syllabus specification.
All prose selections were in print at the time of this syllabus going to print. However, if the book is impossible to obtain, learners will choose another listed selection from the same grade level.
Prompters are not permitted. Examiners may prompt at their discretion.
Selected repertoire must be performed in English.