Purpose of the Qualification
Introductory Examinations are designed to introduce learners to the LAMDA examinations framework, offering an opportunity for creative expression in a supportive environment
Broad Objectives of the Examinations
- Interpretative skills
learn the words of a poem and recall them aloud.

- Technical skills
develop skills in voice and diction.

- Communication skills
respond to simple questions in a conversation.
Examination Content( Suggested age: 6 years old)
Communication skills:
the ability to share a poem and respond to simple questions with confidence

Memory skills:
the ability to learn words and recall them aloud.
 Introductory Examinations are not accredited by the UK Regulatory Authority.
General Notes and Regulations
The set poems for each grade can be found in The LAMDA Verse and Prose Anthology Volume XVII (17).
The different elements within the examination may be performed in any order.
A legible copy of the chosen poem must be provided for the examiner.
Prompters are not permitted. The examiner may prompt at his/her discretion.