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Oral + Writing Course Structure Background of Ms Janice
Course Structure





1 Voice projection narrative Sentence structure
2 Voiced/Unvoiced sounds narrative simple sentences
3 Syllabus stress narrative compound sentences
4 Rise-fall pattern narrative complex sentences
5 Fall-rise pattern expository There + to be
6 Lists expository ‘are not’ vs ‘do not’
7 Consonant sounds followed by r expository structure showing  PURPOSE 1
8 Weak forms 1 descriptive structure showing PURPOSE 2
9 Weak forms 2 descriptive structure showing PURPOSE 3
10 Weak forms 3 descriptive structure showing TIME 1
11 Pausing informal letter structure showing TIME 2
12 Sentence rhythm informal letter structure showing RESULT 1
13 Group Discussion tips informal letter structure showing RESULT 2
14 Individual Presention … narrative structure showing RESULT 3
15 ‘ed’ /t/ narrative structure showing CONDITION 1
16 ‘ed’ /Id/ narrative structure showing CONDITION 2
17 ‘ed’ /tId/ narrative structure showing CONDITION 3
18 Tongue Twister 2 expository structure showing MANNER 1
19 s and z expository structure showing MANNER 2
20 p and b expository structure showing MANNER 3
21 k and g descriptive structure showing CONCESSION 1
22 f and v descriptive structure showing CONCESSION 2
23 t and d descriptive TENSE 1
24 Breath and breathe informal letter TENSE 2
25 Tongue twister 3 informal letter TENSE 3
26 The shwa informal letter TENSE 4
27 Silent ‘p’ narrative USING PURPOSE
28 Silent ‘t’ narrative USING PURPOSE
29 Silent ‘k’ narrative USING TIME
30 Silent ‘g’ narrative USING TIME
31 Shifting the stress expository USING RESULT
32 ‘ph’ and ‘gh’ expository USING RESULT
33 /w/, /v/ and /f/ expository USING CONDITION
34 Disappearing syllables narrative USING CONDITION
35 Lengthening vowel sounds narrative USING MANNER
36 The sounds of ‘ch’ narrative USING MANNER
37 Linking informal letter USING CONCESSION
38 Silent ‘h’ informal letter USING CONCESSION
39 Tongue Twister 4 informal letter USING ALL ADV CLAUSES
40 Shifting the stress narrative USING ALL ADV CLAUSES
Background of Ms Janice Getzlaf
Janice understands the language needs of the local Chinese children. She has been teaching in local schools for over 20 years. In her teaching career, she has helped students of all ages gain a better foothold in their attempt to master the English language. Janice thinks the two skills that students have most trouble with mastering are oral and writing, and believes it's definitely PRACTICE that makes PERFECT! Janice …
- has worked many years as an oral examiner for HK Exam Authority.
- has helped hundreds of students gain Champion, 1st-runner-up and 2nd runner-up standings in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival.
- was an adjudicator for the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association English Sub-Committee for five years.
- was awarded a Commendation Certificate for Outstanding Professional Performance from the HK Education Department in 2001.
- authored Use of English: Writing, Supersets F.5, and Combined Certificate of F.4 & 5, and Where's the Word? series of seven books and more recently, Super Writing Lessons.
Janice's approach to helping students with oral English?
To instill a knowledge of the rules of English pronunciation in her students, so that they can deliver their performance confidently and correctly, impressing the judge, or examiner or an entire audience!
Janice's approach to helping students with written English?
To ensure students analyze good models of writing first, and then tackle words, sentences and paragraphs in the process of actual writing.